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Home Visits

We bring our physiotherapy services to you when you cannot come to us because you are unable to drive. Home visits must be requested and cannot be self-booked online. Costs will be provided upon request, as distance and travel time are factored in.

This service is available to individuals who are post-surgery, elderly, or in severe pain.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Our standard home visit treatment rates will be reduced for the first six weeks post-surgery. Post-surgery visits require a doctor’s note stating the date of the operation and specifying that you may not drive. If the no-driving period extends beyond six weeks, our standard home visit treatment rate will apply. Home treatment is limited to twice a week per patient.

Elderly Care and Chronic Conditions

If you, a parent, or a grandparent need physiotherapy but cannot come to us, you can request home visit treatment. This service is also available if a chronic condition is preventing you from driving. Chronic conditions may include epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, visual impairments, and more.

Severe Pain

Severe acute pain may result from conditions such as a pinched nerve, sciatica, migraines, or sprains and strains to muscles or ligaments. Two home treatments at our standard home visit treatment rate are permitted.

   Morningside | Northcliff

Home Visits available within a 20km radius of Northcliff or Morningside.

We reserve the right to decline or cancel home treatments.

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

Elderly Care

Chronic Conditions Management

Severe Acute Pain


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